Tips to Boost Your Relationship and Romance Luck
  • Activate the Southwest sector of your home, living room, or bedroom with silk red flowers such as rose, a symbol of love.
  • Use crystal to attract yang energy to this sector.
  • Display paired items such as mandarin ducks, double fish, butterflies, or Buddha.
  • Ehnance the Southwest sector with figurines or statues of couples, ideally lit bya table lamp with ceramic base.
  • Use a light in this sector of your living room to draw on the complementary Fire energy as Fire feeds Earth in the Element Productive Cycle.
  • Display a picture or fan featuring a read peony flower on the wall of your bedroom.
  • Hang a two or nine rod crystal or ceramic wind chime in the Southwest corner of your living room to increase your popularity.
  • Avoid having an aquarium or basin in your bedroom
  • Don't use live plants or flowers in the bedroom as they are too yang.