Enhance Your Relationship and Romance Luck

Implementing good feng shui changes in the home / office can strengthen our mental outlook and increase our energy levels. It can also hlep to improve the way we interact with other people, making other people's perception of us stronger and much more positive. This in turn strengthens our family relationships, or attracts new people into our social circle. Relationships within the family with your own children will also be affected.   

Trigram:  Kun

Area: Southwest sector of the Pa Gua and the same area in your home / office

Element: Strong Earth. This is symbolized by crystals or paired items such as hearts or candles, and the color yellow

Enhancing your relationship

Activate the Southwest sector of the home or simply the sitting room. However, do not activate the Southwest sector of your home if it includes toilet or kitchen as these room have very different representations when situated here.

To enhance family relationships, make sure you have photographs of your family displayed as well as of your husband or wife in the Romance corner. Ornaments for this area should always be in pairs to symbolize togetherness (see Tips).

Bossting your love life

If you feel that an existing relationship is in trouble or you can't find the idea partner, look and see what has changed, especially if you 've just moved house as you may need to make adjustments in your new property to restore the balance.

If you are single and can't find the right relationship, again look at your home. Perhaps you have too many pictures of single people and a stagnant Relationship sector with clutter in it.

By following a few simple feng shui tips, you can improve the prospects of bringing love into your life.