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Goat Zodiac in the year of the Pig
Goat Zodiac in the year of the Pig






1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003 

"Time and patience will bring results"

In the Year of the Pig, the Goats will find luck and fortune in their careers and love relations because the Pig Zodiac is compatible with the Goat Zodiac and the lucky Three Terraces star is here, this will favor you if you want to start your own business. You will do well academically and your relationships will develop smoothly. This is especially noticeable for goats born between August and October. However, the power of the reinforcement and resolution stars in your Zodiac is not too strong which means that you have to rely on the benefactors’ help if you want to implement your plans. They are those born in the year of the Pig, Rabbit and Horse.Watch out for the harmful stars in your Zodiac this year. Be careful as there are risks of engaging in lawsuits due to the combination of Flying Tally and Court Tally. The Five Ghosts and Finger Pointing stars means there are villains behind your back and you find destructive rumors and slanders giving you headaches and problems. You get depressed easily because the Heaven Tears star is making you feel vulnerable.       

Fortune and Wealth

This is a harvesting year for the Goats. You will be rewarded for the hard work you have put in. This is also a year for the Goats to take an active stance and partner with the benefactors to expand your business and reap good results on your investments. One word of caution, there are noises behind your back so you have to be careful about your words and deeds.  


The Pig Zodiac is one of the “three compatible Zodiacs” of the Goat Zodiac, this is a good year of Goats in term of relationships and romance. Your love relationship is amicable and interesting.


Generally Goats enjoy good health this year except fro those born in 1931 and 1991. The only caveat is that Goat tends to get into depressions at time. Be happy and healthy.


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