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Monkey Zodiac in the year of the Pig
Monkey Zodiac in the year of the Pig






1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004 

"Make the right move to reach your goal"

This year Monkeys have the auspicious Tai Yin, Earth Relief and Emolument God stars in your Zodiac. Your fortune and luck are considered above average in the year of Pig. If you work hard and put up a good fight, there can be a good harvest at year end.There will be a lot of barriers and obstacles in front of the Monkeys, the external interference and hindrances are still strong and you have to be fully alert to tackle these problems. Behave yourself and go by the rule, if you try any shortcuts, you will get yourself into lawsuits and you will lose instead of gaining. Solitude Time star is prominent in the Monkey zodiac, the female Monkey has to note that their relationship may come to a trail this year.       

Fortune and Wealth

This year brings much better fortune and wealth to the Monkeys. This is a year of progress and earnings if you can learn to be humble, sincere and honest. Monkeys can be easily influenced by others, and thus creating your own headaches unnecessarily. Stop this bad habit. Expand your network this year and this is where your fortune can prosper.    


This is not a good year on love and romance for the Monkeys. If you are planning on marriage, you may have to wait a couple of more years till 2009. The Haze Killer love star enters into zodiacs of the 1992 and 1932 year Monkeys. The 1932 Monkeys despite their senior years, may still get entangled in improper affairs, remember to place the appropriate feng shui cures to nullify this effect.       


The Monkeys indirectly clashes with Tai Shui god of the year. You have to go to make offerings to appease the god and pray for good health. Take precaution and do a blood test and a body check as there are risks of unexpected accidents, especially for those born between February and April, they should place proper feng shui cures to nullify the effects of the “Two Black” and “Five Yellow” sickness stars. The endangered months are the Lunar Calendar months of March, July and September.





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