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Dog Zodiac in the year of the Pig
Dog Zodiac in the year of the Pig


1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994

 "When there is a will, there is a way"

The Year of the Pigs will bring a whole new ball game for the Dogs. They are blessed by two very auspicious stars the Sun and Heaven Happiness. The Dogs will boast of a very good year and their reputations and status are once again recognized and acknowledged. There are some harmful stars influencing the Dogs. The Robbery Killer means that you have to be careful with unexpected incidents. The Solitude Time star is going to affect your grievances. Dogs are loyal and sincere, but they are very sentimental. You can easily arouse emotionally on minor things. The Heaven Sky star also has an unstable effect on the Dogs and you are still skeptical of your fortune and can get overly-worried. Believe in yourself!    

Fortune and Wealth

The Emolument God star of fortune enters into the Dog zodiac this year. The Dogs are deemed to be on of the top three fortunate zodiacs this year. Use this golden opportunity to pave way for your future. Build up your wealth and your network on a solid foundation. You can try new ideas and breakthroughs this year because luck is on your side. It is the time to put your plan into action and you will enjoy a prosperous magnificent year.


The year of the Pig is a year of love and romance for the Dogs. Your love life will be interesting and colorful and your social life is rather active this year. Do not get overly immersed in romance (especially the Dogs born in 1982) and falling into insensible relationship or inappropriate affairs, the consequence can be fatal.  


The first thing you need to notice is the influence of the Robbery Killer star, it provokes disputes and fights. The endangered months are the Lunar Calendar months of July and August. Do not turn excitement and fun into disasters. Dogs are the exercise type and by work and exercise regularly, you will be in top shape and luck.








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