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Rabbit Zodiac in the year of the Pig
Rabbit Zodiac in the year of the Pig


1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999

 "Where is the Sun Shining?"

There is a lacking of auspicious stars in this zodiac this year. Luckily you still have the resolution god star to support you. Those born in the Autumn and Winter times will have better luck than those born in the Spring and Summer. Due to the presence of the white tiger star, you will find that you get into emotional disputes and arguments which can easily be blown out or proportion and you are putting yourselves in predicaments. This is especially imminent in female Rabbits. This star also brings risk of accidents from sharp instruments. Other influential harmful stars include Finger Pointing, Earth Killer, and Heaven Killer these will bring possibilities of libel and unfavorable rumors that will be harmful to your reputations. Put your focus in your work, let go of your emotional involvements and find your benefactors, those born in the Year of Pig and Goat. 

Fortune and Wealth

It is recommended that the Rabbits should not make any big changes in terms of the business or career this year. You will be under a lot of pressure and you have to face and tackle a lot of problems. View this year to be a year for your spiritual growth. My advice to the male Rabbits is to stay away from the lust bobby=trap and keep your moral standing. For the female rabbits, control your temper or you will be blasted by your own heat.    


The Rabbit’s love life is colorful and exciting in this year. The present of the white tiger star is going to cause problems in the Rabbit’s relationships. The unmarried rabbits will often enter into arguments with their love ones and breakups and unions are common sconces this year. For the married Rabbits, it is advisable to go for second honeymoon in the Lunar Calendar month of November as a “precaution” or you may run the risk of having an “intruder” in the marriage. 


In general Rabbits are quite healthily this year. Watch out for traffic accidents or being hurt by sharp objects. The other risks are possibilities of venereal disease, miscarriage or abortion. The endangered months are Lunar Calendar months of January, April, and October.





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