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Tiger Zodiac in the year of the Pig
Tiger Zodiac in the year of the Pig


1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998 

"Create Your Success with Braveness” 

The Year if the Pig will fair exceptionally well for the Tigers, you have the benefactors supporting you plus the blessing of the number one auspicious star Moon Virtual. In addition, the Fortune Star will further enhance your luck this year. Your achievement and status will be well-recognized.Tigers often overlook details because they think big and are used to full scale planning. You have to play attention to the trap and avoid being harmed by others behind your back. The wagged tongue star represents slanderous and rumors as well as arguments and disputes.Due to the presence of the two ominous stars robbery killer and hanging killer, the Tigers who like to take risks have to be very careful when taking new business venture. 

Fortune and Wealth

The emolument God lucky star shows up in your zodiac this year, your wealth will markedly improve over last year. This is going to be a year that the Tigers can strike. Your fortune stars are with you all through the year. There are several things you need to be aware of. You are arrogant and strong, but lacking tolerance and the patience to attend to details. You are often bothered by small matters which aggravate you immediately. My advice to you is to keep clam.


The Tiger’s love life is full of excitement this year, especially those born in 1962, avoid turning romance into “fatal attractions. The Lunar Calendar months of February, March and December are the peak months for your romances. Due to clashing with the tai Shui god of the Year, you will have ups and downs in your love life.


The hot tempered Tigers are prone to setting themselves into troubles. There are risks of unexpected accidents involving bloodshed this year. Drivers please drive within limits with care! Make your visit to the Tai Shui god of the year in the beginning of the year and pray for a safe and healthy year. The endangered months are the Lunar Calendar months of January, March, September and November. Putting appropriate feng shui cures help to neutralize the effects from these harmful stars.



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