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Ox Zodiac in the year of the Pig
Ox Zodiac in the year of the Pig


1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997 

"Good thing will happen when the time is right"

The Ox has been blessed for several years. This year will bring new changes to the conservative and stubborn Ox. Traveling horse enters into the Ox zodiac and this will bring the adaptability and endurance of the Ox to a test. Spend more time on self-reflection and meditation. Your acumen and intelligence can turn things around if you give yourself time to work on this. Learn to smile and show kindness to those around you. The energetic Ox should take the changes as part of life’s process and tribulations, and you will be able to overcome these obstacles and barriers. 

Fortune and Wealth

There is no auspicious stars for the Ox this year, luckily there are not too many harmful stars affecting the Ox. The heaven dog star depicts depletion in wealth and Ox should pay more attention on the accounts and dealings in money matters.


The love life of the Ox is described as “uninteresting” for this year, the lack of powerful love stars in your zodiac means that this year may not be an appropriate year for wedding. 


The hangman star’s appearance calls for attention to health (mentally and physically). You are under a lot of continuous psychological pressure, which eventually take a toll on your health. Remember to do a full body check in the beginning of the year. Avoid visiting hospitals or attending funerals. The scarce months the Lunar Calendar months of February and November, pay attention to your health and your family’s health conditions.      




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