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Pig Zodiac in the year of the Pig
Pig Zodiac in the year of the Pig


1923, 1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995 


Last year the Pigs had a steady development all round despite some minor physical problems. Pig should be quite happy and satisfied with having good news in 2006. This prosperous trend continues into 2007 with the blessings from three auspicious stars (Earth Relief), (Resolution God) and (Eight Pedestals). Earth Relief & Resolution God are two of the ten most auspicious stars, it can dissipate any ominous and transform it into something good. Eight Pedestals enhances academic/career achievement and frame. The Pigs will be relieved from all disasters and disputes, your career and business will be above expectations. The Pig zodiac clashes with the Tai Shui as the "god of the year". This increase in power also increases your psychological pressures throughout the year. You are also facing a number of ominous stars which signify that Pigs may be faced with harmful gossips and rumors; accidents caused by sharp instruments; and lots of changes. You may change job, move your dwelling and travel frequently. Just be careful in whatever you do, avoid rash and hasty decisions and actions, avoid confrontation with your seniors, avoid being authoritarian, and seek for advice and support from the mentors/benefactors around you, especially those born in the Year of Rabbit and Goat.

 Fortune and Wealth

Although Pigs run into the Tai Shui (god of the year) which inevitably will bring lots of changes to people born in this zodiac, these changes can be beneficial to the Pigs. The intelligent and talented Pigs are capable of significant achievement. Pigs can turn this change into an opportunity by being innovative. Be aggressive and progressive when you meet the challenges that come your way; prepare yourself mentally and psychologically to accept new challenges. If you have a good start this year, you have laid the foundation for the next few years. Remember to build up your network and relationships this year; once you have gained your circle of support, you are on the road to success with a rewarding future waiting for you.


You have to control your temper this year, or else your relationships will have to go through hurdles after hurdles, and you have to bear the resulting consequences. December is your hot mating session and you will run into the danger of engaging yourself in improper affairs and relationships. Especially for the Pigs born in 1971, your unfaithfulness will cost you harmful rumors or even lawsuits.


Make sure you visit the temple to appease the Tai Shui god of the year. Avoid going to hospitals and funerals. Take physical check-ups and blood tests. Take caution when you travel as there may be risks of accidents and danger of bloodshed. You are mostly troubled by psychological problems this year and you can drive yourself crazy over frivolous issues and you get upset easily.

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