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Personal Kua Number 1 - Kan
Personal Kua Number 1 - Kan Print


Kua No. 1 - Kan


Sheng Chi :- Southeast                         Tien Yi :- East

Nien Yen :- South                               Fu Wei :- North


Kua Number


Group              East
Element              Water
Trigram              Kan
Color             Black Blue


 Sheng Chi (Southeast) :- Success Direction

Activate this Corner with :-
 Tien Yi (East) :- Health Direction

Activate this Corner with :-
  • Placing a Water Feature in your health corner is excellent for energizing Chi to increase the flow of Wealth and stimulate your health.
  • Statues of Dragons can enhance the East and add to your personal power
  • Hanging and displaying Crystals in the East enhances your health by energising the Chi
  • Place a large Leaf plant to stimulate the Wood element of the East
  • Precious Gourds are symbolic of good health and are recommended to help keep illness away
  • Display a Cicada to turn bad luck into Good Luck
  • Color for Health Dark Green
 Nien Yin (South) - Relationships Direction

Activate this Corner with :-
  • Evergreen plants will enhance the element of Fire in the South
  • Display statues of Horses which symbolize the element of the South to increase your success
  • To stimulate your love life display a pair Mandarin Ducks
  • Display pictures Peony flowers to enhance your romantic relationships
  • Display pictures and figurines of the Phoenix to help your relationships be more harmonious
  • Colors for love Red, Pink Orange
 Fu Wei (North) :- Personal Development

Activate this Corner with :-
  • If you can have a quite corner this is the place for it, sit here when you need peace and quite. or to collect your thoughts and meditate
  • Place a Money Turtle or the Tortoise of Harmony in this corner to symbolize protection and stability
  • Placing Statues of Elephant symbolize wisdom, strength and steadiness, which are essential for your personal development.
  • Colors for Personal Development Black and Blue
 Ho Hai (West) :- Mishaps

Feng Shui Cures for this Corner :-
  • To help protect yourself against mishaps display pictures of fish swimming and fish ornaments. This is a great use of the element of water to defuse the element of metal in the west
 Wu Gwei (North East) :- Five Ghosts

Feng Shui Cures for this Corner :-
  • Display a Brass Quan Yin or any brass object to help deflect the negative influence of the 5 Ghost here. 
  • Use the Metal Cures here.
  • You can help suppress the five ghosts by hanging Six I Ching Coins tied with red thread or ribbon, using the metal element this way will reduces the strength of the earth element in the Northeast
  • Never face or sit in this direction if at all possible
 Liu Sha (Northwest) :- Six Killings

Feng Shui Cures for this Corner :-
  • Dispel negative Chi' by using a Precious Gourds in this area
  • If at all possible do not use a door that faces Northwest.
  • Six Killing symbolises inauspicious happenings. to counteract this place the Eight Immortals in the Northwest as they represent happiness and abundance.
 Chueh Ming (South West) :- Total Loss 

Feng Shui Cures for this Corner :-
  • It is best to try and avoid this direction altogether
  • Keep windows and door closed in this direction.
  • Do not enhancers this direction.
  • Use the Metal Cures to counter act  the element earth of the Southwest
  • White color is good here.
  • Display a statue of Kuan Kung the God of War and or a Laughing Buddha counter balance the negative energies in the Southwest
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