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Bazi, Feng Shui and Your Life!
Bazi, Feng Shui and Your Life! Print


This is derived from the reduction of the birth data into the 5 basic elements, namely Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water and analyzing the interaction of these elements represented. The 4 Pillars are derived from the Year, Month, Day and Hour and each of these Pillars is represented by 2 elements, one for the Heavenly Stem and one for the Earthly Branch. The accuracy of the prediction depends on how well your destiny is interpreted and diagnosed according to the interrelationship between these elements by the fortune-teller.


This system is adopted for the prediction of one's destiny by the Chinese as it is believed that the universe is made up of and represented by these 5 basic elements of which human beings are also part of the universe. BaZi can also determine an individual's potential, character and ability so that he can unlock his potential and ability in order to achieve success. It also enables him to ascertain the appropriate timing in planning and preparing himself like accumulating and organizing the required resources for the implementation of his project so that the chances of success is much higher. It also assists him to be a more tolerant and understanding person in terms of human relationships, especially when dealing with loved ones. The 5 factors that will also affect the success or failure of a person ranked in order of importance are: Destiny - Destiny is determined by the day and time we were born.Luck - This is the pattern of ups and downs one is experiencing during one's lifetime. It is generally accepted that luck plays an important role in our life.Feng Shui - The environment and the surroundings we live in and it refers not only to the physical but also the cosmic aspect of our surroundings which include time and space dimension.Character - This refers to the personal characteristics of a person's character, like honesty, kindness, helpfulness, charitable, hardworking, forgiveness and other positive traits.Education - This not only refers to a person's academic achievements but also include professional training, acquiring technical know-how and other general knowledge like politics, economics, world affairs and other subjects that can assist one's career. However, besides the 5 factors given above that determine an individual's success or failure in life, other factors such as the country one is residing in and the profession one is pursuing can also influence its outcome. The political and economic situations differ from one country to another at any given point in time. Likewise, the country's and world's current demand for goods and services make certain professions and trades in greater demand, whereby one can be remunerated with better income and profit if one is in the right industry and service sector. Therefore, although two persons are born at the same time but whose professions are not the same, their level of achievement may be different but the pattern of ups and downs will be the same. BaZi with the enhancement of Feng Shui can assist a person in

ü           Choosing the correct career for the betterment of it.

ü           Timing of an investment or venture.

ü           Choosing the right partner whether in business or marriage.

ü           Enhancing personal Feng Shui like sitting or facing the correct directions, wearing of the right colors or ornaments, interior design to enhance health and harmony.

ü           Predicting misfortunes and taking positive action to neutralize them.

ü           Discovering your child's hidden talents so that you can guide him/her to do a course which he/she can excel in.

ü           Selecting an auspicious date for marriage, house selection, moving or opening ceremony.

ü           Selecting an auspicious birth date for those women who want to have their babies delivered through caesarean. 

Destiny cannot be changed but can be improved or enhanced. Enhancing one's life means one can reduce one's loss during a downward phase and increase one's gain during a period of good luck but it cannot turn a loss into a BIG profit. The aim of this prediction is to enable you to have a clearer view of your future but you should not solely depend on it to make decisions as other factors also play a role in achieving your success.



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