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BaZi Destiny Analysis

We all want answers, don't we? Answers to life's many challenges! We seek answers that provide solutions particularly to specific areas of our life: Personal, Family and Career.

By understanding our destiny/ ‘life-path’ that was mapped out for us at the time of our birth, we can seek to understand our inborn potentials and maximize our latent greatness.

We seek answers that give us hope, even when it is difficult to find them. We want answers that we can use right away to help us restore balance and get onto the right direction of our lives and, even more so, to achieve or enhance success.

Life's challenges are never ending. Wouldn’t it be good to predetermine the path that is to come, to ascertain the likelihood of challenges, and the direction and the form in which they would come, and to find out how we may avoid or even use such challenges to our advantage? And that's why Master Ye Ting’s BaZi Destiny Analysis is so valuable. 

Master Ye Ting will provide you with a ‘constructive analysis’ of your destiny. She do not waste your time trying to explain to you your ‘personality traits’ and engage in an ‘astrological performance’ but rather, she goes straight to your problem areas and immediately make suggestions on how you can improve. Destiny, according to Master Ye Ting, is never fated. We have a choice to shape our destiny, as long as we know the path we are going. Master Ye Ting's warm-hearted, down-to-earth messages in her BaZi astrology consultations.  

Why do you seek a BaZi Consultation?

Perhaps you are not quite financially stable. Or maybe you have just graduated from University with several degrees, and are now trying to pursue a promising career. It could be that you are hoping to climb the corporate ladder or that you are already there looking for other alternatives in life. Perhaps you are currently in one of those crossroads in your life, on the verge of making a major decision that you believe could affect the rest of your life. Or perhaps you are a “super mom," feeling a little "lost" in trying to take care of your husband, children, home and career. You could be in love or uncertain about love. You could be in a relationship and deciding whether or not to keep it. Or perhaps you are selfless volunteer or a school teacher trying to make a positive influence in your community. Maybe you are looking for a new career or perhaps you are facing some setbacks in your current workplace. Perhaps, your health is not as good as you would like it to be, or maybe you find that that there exists something unexplainable that is somehow impeding you from achieving your goals.

Wherever we are, whoever we are, there are always some decisions to be made. Often, we would like to see our options and weigh their pros and cons. Everyone has a destiny. But how we choose to walk our destiny, we have total control. Destiny is not fixed, or unchangeable. We can still substantially improve the condition and quality of our destiny provided we have the right mental attitude, right actions and right methods.
Too much of one thing or too little of another, and suddenly your life is just out of balance. Does they relate? If so, you would benefit from a Destiny Analysis. Let us help you forecast your life-path and provide several recommendations on how you can best maximize your innate potential and maybe even develop those not yet realized.

Making An Appointment

To make an appointment for a Feng Shui consultation with Master Ye Ting, please contact our office directly. No obligation if you wish to make an inquiry. You may contact us to discuss your needs. 

Easy Ways to Make Contact:
  Phone: +852-8102-6272
  Fill and submit the Ba Zi Destiny Analysis Consultation Form 

Client Confidentiality Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We do not normally discuss our client services with any third parties. All information that comes to our attention in the course of our work will be protected and dealt with confidentially.

It is not our normal practice to reveal the names of our clients. In the event that we wish to use your names for reference purposes, we would seek your permission. Any names of our clients that we might have used for marketing purposes would have received the prior permission of our clients.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Confidentiality Policy, you may contact us at +852-8102-6272 or email

Payment Method

 Please call for details. 

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