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Shops / Shop-Houses


Different types of business require different types of Feng Shui arrangement. For example, in Xuan Kong Feng Shui, different stars affect and govern different aspects of a business. If these stars are ‘out-of-place’ or unsupported, it would affect the business.

The placement of the doors, traffic flow of clients, placement of the cash register and manager’s office all need to be correctly positioned to ensure the Feng Shui supports the goals of the business. Every business is unique, classifiable by elements of the stars (in Xuan Kong Feng Shui).

Your assessment includes a guide on the current year’s qi affecting the business, allowing you to maximize up periods and softening the down cycles.


Corporate Offices


Placement of key staff and key members in an office is of utmost importance in corporate Feng Shui. More importantly, a client needs to know the energies (qi) that would be affecting her business for the year and how he can take advantage of the good and reduce the bad times. Corporate Feng Shui must be tailored to suit and support the mission of the company.


Shopping Malls


One of the most important aspects of Shopping Mall Feng Shui is the water-flow. It does not necessary refer to physical water. We are talking about qi-flow as represented by the ins (entrances) and outs (exits) of traffic in the mall.
Placement of key shops, management office, information desks, landmark arches, gateways and the main entrance are amongst the key factors that govern the quality of Feng Shui for a shopping mall.


Nursery, Health and Educational Institutes


Nursery and Educational Institutes are particularly governed by certain Stars under the Xuan Kong system of Feng Shui. The distribution of qi in these properties must not affect these stars or business could be affected.
Environmental structures and landscape is often important for the qi to be conducive to these businesses.


Restaurants /Cafes


Food glorious food. The wining factors in Feng Shui for the restaurant and café businesses depend much on the careful positioning of the entrances/exits, main counters (bars) and most importantly, the kitchen and stoves. Direction, Location and Time influences of Qi must be considered along with the Guas (Life) of the owners and key staff.


Factory and Industrial Plants


For factory audits, the Feng Shui should be tailored to first ensure ‘unity’ amongst the workers and staff. With that structure in place, naturally it can foster better production efficiency. Locations of important machinery and important managerial offices would be positioned to accommodate and support the goals of the business.
Every industrial plant is different, depending on the type of production. Xuan Kong Feng Shui practitioners need to know which stars ‘govern’ the plant’s business, what aspects need to be adjusted in terms of its Qi in order to improve the functionality and productivity of that plant.

Your analysis includes assessment of key personals and suggestions on where they can be stationed and how they can work harmoniously and productively for the company.

Making An Appointment

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