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  Existing House

The consultation includes a thorough analysis of your home’s Feng Shui. Birth details of all residents would be taken into consideration for the audit. It includes an assessment of the quality of Feng Shui of the property and where necessary includes recommendation for the client to arrange, enhance and balance the Feng Shui of the property to support the family in their current and future endeavors.

Factors like the environment (surrounding forms and structure), the building design, directional influences, residents (life guas) and time aspects are taken into consideration for the audit. The audit can focus on areas where the client particularly needs attention; for example, family harmony, health or career prospects. The property’s Feng Shui settings are recommended to support the destiny or life path of the client.

  Pre-Purchase Property Assessment

It would be a good idea to audit a property you wish to purchase, to find out what its Feng Shui has in store for you – before you officially make the purchase!

Using Xuan Kong Feng Shui, we can ascertain the quality of Qi (energies) affecting that property throughout a period of time that could bring about certain outcomes for the residents. Armed with prior knowledge from what the house’s Feng Shui has in store for you, especially in factors like career, health, harmony, academic achievements, you can make informed decisions of whether or not to purchase the property. You need to find if the new property is to be conducive for you and your family’s goals in the future.
Some houses have good Feng Shui and are thus recommended to purchase. Some houses on the other hand do not have ideal Feng Shui and could cost quite a sum to remedy. All Feng Shui, be it good or bad, have a time span. It would be good to have the information upfront before making your investment for the property.

  Pre-Building Assessment
  Undeniably, the ideal point for a Feng Shui assessment for a property is BEFORE it is built. If you are thinking of constructing a new home, new building or new estate, it would be ideal to incorporate Feng Shui from it’s initial stage. It could be an important investment you could make before building.

Upon assessment we can provide recommendations on the positioning of important factors like the main door, kitchen, master bedroom and other important areas along with recommendation on proper move-in time.
Making An Appointment

To make an appointment for a Feng Shui consultation with Master Ye Ting, please contact our office directly. No obligation if you wish to make an inquiry. You may contact us to discuss your needs.

3 Easy Ways to Make Contact:


  Phone: +852-8102-6272
  Fill and submit the Feng Shui Audit Request Form.

Client Confidentiality Policy

Your privacy is important to us. We do not normally discuss our client services with any third parties. All information that comes to our attention in the course of our work will be protected and dealt with confidentially.

It is not our normal practice to reveal the names of our clients. In the event that we wish to use your names for reference purposes, we would seek your permission. Any names of our clients that we might have used for marketing purposes would have received the prior permission of our clients.

If you have any questions or concerns about our Confidentiality Policy, you may contact us at +852-8102-6272 or email privacy@fengshuitipsdaily.com

Payment Method

We accept payment in Credit Card (Master Card and Visa) or in Cash.

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