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Tips to Boost Your Wealth and Prosperity Luck Print
  • A a healthy plant in your wealth area in the Southeast. Plants with sharp leaves or thorns, such as cacti, should not be used. The money plant such as the jade plant, is excellent for this area as it symbolizes wealth.
  • Use water features such as Water fountain produces Wood in the Element Productive Cycle. A small feature with trickling water and some plants, or an aquarium with nine fish (an suspicious number) would greatly active this area.
  • If the wealth area is dark, generate positive energy by placing a lamp with a low wottage bulb in this area and keeping it on all of the time.      
Boost Your Wealth and Prosperity Luck Print

When you get promoted in your career, it obviously improves your financial psoition, but feng shui goes further than this and prosposes that accumulations of beneficial ch'i will work themselves in terms of increased business opportunities and the real accumulation of corresponding wealth.


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