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Mentors and Patrons
Tips to Enhance Mentor/ Patrons Luck Print
  • Enhance your mentor luck with metal objects in this corner, metal ornaments or pictures of mentors in silver frames.
  • Earth objects such as natural crystals, lucky crystal fish or frog ceramic or clay ornaments are potent in this corner as Earth feeds Metal in the Element Productive Cycle.
  • Religious objects or artefacts can be placed here to attract divine Mentor Luck.
  • Chinese deilies like the Kuan Kung (the god of Protection and Prosperity), the laughing Buddha, or Fuk, Luk and Sau (the three gods of Three Lucks) enhance Mentor/ Patrons luck. 
  • Boost this corner with six Chinese coinstied with red ribbons or a six-rod wind chime - auspicious, traditional feng shui objects.
  • Paint this area using white or metal colors - silever or gold - or use the colors in your soft furnishings or furniture. Do not use red (Fire) or green (Wood) as these clash with Metal.  
Enhancing Your Mentor/Patrons Luck Print

The Chinese beleives that Mentor/Patrons Luck forms the backnone of a person's succcess and good fortune. It is the key to attainment and power in society.   

Each of the eight trigrams that are part of the Pa Gua relate to an Aspiration that is Associated with an area of your life in a specific section of your home.   By activing the Northwest (Chien), is the Strong Metal element and it relates to Mentor/Patrons. "Cures" can be positioned to energize / boost that particular sectorof your home/office.   Find out your personal Gau Number now!



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