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Tips to Boost Your Relationship and Romance Luck Print
  • Activate the Southwest sector of your home, living room, or bedroom with silk red flowers such as rose, a symbol of love.
  • Use crystal to attract yang energy to this sector.
  • Display paired items such as mandarin ducks, double fish, butterflies, or Buddha.
  • Ehnance the Southwest sector with figurines or statues of couples, ideally lit bya table lamp with ceramic base.
  • Use a light in this sector of your living room to draw on the complementary Fire energy as Fire feeds Earth in the Element Productive Cycle.
  • Display a picture or fan featuring a read peony flower on the wall of your bedroom.
  • Hang a two or nine rod crystal or ceramic wind chime in the Southwest corner of your living room to increase your popularity.
  • Avoid having an aquarium or basin in your bedroom
  • Don't use live plants or flowers in the bedroom as they are too yang.   
Enhance Your Relationship and Romance Luck Print

Implementing good feng shui changes in the home / office can strengthen our mental outlook and increase our energy levels. It can also hlep to improve the way we interact with other people, making other people's perception of us stronger and much more positive. This in turn strengthens our family relationships, or attracts new people into our social circle. Relationships within the family with your own children will also be affected.   


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