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EnhanceYour Health and Family Luck Print

Good health can be getting the balance right in various aspects of your life and home. Having good health is the best basis from which to improve and expand your life. 

Tips to Boost Your Health and Family Luck Print
  • Try to arrange your bed so that your head points in your Health (Tien Yi) Direction when sleeping (find our your  personal Gua Number now).
  • Place a healthy green plant without sharp leaves in the East.
  • Make sure the center of your home and living room is uncluttered.
  • Boost the East with a complementary water feature, since water feeds Wood in the Productive Cycle.
  • Display an image of Sau, the God of Longevity, one of the Three luck gods (Fuk Luk Sau)  in a special place in your home.
  • Place a symbolic painting of peaches, the symbol of immortality, in the East, or use ceramic items or ornamental jade trees which have lucky number of six or eight peaches.
  • In the Eastern corner of your garden, use a sculpture of a pair of cranes, a symbol of lone life, especially when it is displayed near bamboo or pine trees, other signs of longevity.
  • Place a dragon-head tortoise at the back of your home for general support and good prosperity.       

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