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Tips to Enhance Frame Luck Print
  • Place a lights, candles, and red ornaments in the South sector of your home or living room. In the garden area, put plants with red leaves or flowers in the same sector.
  • Use chandeliers or lamps with a round base, with red, white, or yellow light bulbs. Avoid yin colors such as blue here. 
  • Hang a lead-faceted crystal tied with a red string by the window to bring in yang sun energy and attract inspiring rainbow colors into the room. 
  • Auspicious paintings of birds, with stong red coloring, such as the phoenix, roosters, or flamingoes are particularly auspicious in the South for Fame Luck.
  • Wooden objects will benefit Fame in the South as Wood feeds Fire in the Productive Cycle
  • Do not put a painting depiciting water in the South as water destroy Fire in the Element Destructive Cycle.
  • Avoid a swimming pool in the South as this could bring disaster, particularly to the family head as Fame Luck will be destroyed by "big water" in the pool.
  • Hang a red picture of sunrise in the South to inspire new beginnings.
Enhancing Your Fame Luck Print

Fame comes in many forms in the Chinese culture. It means acknowledgment of a person's talent by a higher authority, such as the employer, combined with an honorable reputation and recognition in society and among your peer group. 

Each of the eight trigrams that are part of the Pa Gua relate to an Aspiration that is Associated with an area of your life in a specific section of your home.   By activing the South (Li), is the Fire element and it relates to Fame. "Cures" can be positioned to energize / boost that particular sectorof your home/office.   Find out your personal Gau Number now!



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