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Tips to Enhance Education Luck Print
  • Energize the Northeast corner with natural or man-made crystals.
  • Enhance this area with rounded-shaped lamps with ceramic, terra-cotta or glass bases.
  • Introduce some read in the Northeast to strengthen and feed the Earth Element as Fire produce Earth in the Productive Cycle.
  • Cultivate a respect for educational materials. Do not put text books on the floor or step on them.
  • Display academic achievements like diplomas or certificates with pride on the Northwest wall of the study area.
  • Position your desk in the Northeast sector of a room or study.
  • Arrange your desk to face your fu wei or one of the fourth Best Direction according to your personal Kua Number. This will help your inner Knowledge Luck. 
Enhancing Your Education Luck Print

Many Chinese families consider scholastic achievement as a prerequisite to a life of excellence and status. Thus, feng shui can play a very important part in enhancing scholars' Education Luck. 

Each of the eight trigrams that are part of the Pa Gua relate to an Aspiration that is Associated with an area of your life in a specific section of your home.   By activing the Northeast (Ken), is the Small Earth element and it relates to Education. "Cures" can be positioned to energize / boost that particular sectorof your home.   Find out your personal Gau Number now!



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