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Tips to Enhance Children Luck Print
  • The matriarch of the house should sleep in her nien yen or Family luck orientation according to her Kua number in the Eight Mansions Formula. 
  • Place metallic objects or ornaments like hollow wind chimes and brass bells in the West sector.
  • Use Earth items such as crystals, glassware, and ceramics as Earth produces Metal in the Element Productive Cycle.
  • To motivitate children in their studies, place natural quartz or amethyst crystals in their study area.
  • Always sit your child (children) to face his/her fu wei  or Self-improvement Direction (find out your child's Kua Number now).  
  • To inspire your children's academic success, hang a picture of a well-known genius, such as Einstein or Isaac Newton, in their study area.
  • Use white, gold, or silver objects or fabrics in the West of the family's living room.      
Enhancing Your Children Luck Print

Each of the eight trigrams that are part of the Pa Gua relate to an Aspiration that is Associated with an area of your life in a specific section of your home.   By activing the West (Tui), is the Metal element and it relates to Children. "Cures" can be positioned to energize / boost that particular sectorof your home.   Find out your personal Gau Number now!



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