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Tips to Boost Your Career Luck Print
  • Always sit in an office facing the door so that you don't get caught unawaress.
  • Make sure your desk faces your personal Best Direction.
  • Sit with a solid wall behind you, rather than a window, or you will always feel that you lack support.  
  • At business meeting, sit facing the door in one of your personal Best Directions.
  • Use water features such as aquariums or small water fountains to activitate the North corner.
  • Use fish in an aquarium to produce yang energy.
  • Use Metal symbols as this Element feeds water in the Five Element Productive Cycle.
  • Add a symbol small blue light to this area.
Enhancing Your Career Luck Print

Each of the eight trigrams that are part of the Pa Gua relate to an Aspiration that is Associated with an area of your life in a specific section of your home.   By activing the North (Kan), is the Water element and it relates to Career. "Cures" can be positioned to energize / boost that particular sectorof your home/office.   Find out your personal Gau Number now!



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